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Why a virtual tour?

Through decades of visiting and working in Normandy, accessibility has been a constant concern. For whatever reason, not everyone is able to visit either the region itself or some of the specific sites within. The pandemic of 2020 brought things to a head and after a year of very few visitors, we decided to work on a way to allow almost anyone to see Normandy from almost anywhere in the world.

The tours we offer can be joined from your own home, with no crowds and no danger of inclement weather impacting your visit (Normandy is very green...)

Our format enables us to use contemporary information to enable a firm link between the past and the present ...

Landing sector Queen map overlay.jpg

... and permits a switch from the wider perspective to the soldier's eye view in an instant

Frank D.

"We did a virtual Omaha Beach tour and that was a great experience - even without being onsite. But it felt that way, nearly, with all the zoom ins on Google Earth and the detailed information on specific actions as well. We really enjoined the dual view (Allied and German) on this historical event."

Stefan N.
"It was a highly interesting trip to the beach, packed full of facts, pictures, clips,quotes, eyewitnesses and small but imprressive Video clips.
Combined with the use of Google Street View, you'll get a good overwiew of the first hours on 'Bloody Omaha'."

Sander D.
"The presenters are very knowledgeable and there is plenty of time to ask questions. Doing the tour virtually gave them the opportunity to give attendants a birds eye view of the landing beaches and thus place them in the whole scheme of the D-day landings."

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