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Recommended reading

There are understandably numerous books which cover D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. From individual memoirs to grand overviews with everything in between. Below is a list of books which I have enjoyed and/or found useful to give an overview of the events. The first is one to which I have an emotional attachment as it was the first proper book I read regarding the Battle of Normandy; it's one of the reasons I'm doing what I do now.

I've not included hyperlinks, a copy and paste into your favourite search engine should yield results and point you in the path of one or more online book sellers. Alternatively, your local library might be able to help.


I'll update this periodically as new books, at least ones I like, are published.

Keegan, J                     Six Armies in Normandy


Harrison, G                  Cross Channel Attack

Ryan, C                         The Longest Day


Caddick-Adams, P      Sand and Steel

Balkoski, J                   Omaha Beach

Balkoski, J                    Utah Beach

Zuehlke, M                   Juno Beach

Finally, a special mention for one of the best memoirs I've read. John Foley's book covers more than Normandy, following his path in 107 RAC. It was hard to find but has recently been republished.


Foley, J                         Mailed Fist

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