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The Imperial War Museum, the main repository for British film and photographs from the Second World War, holds several clips relevant to the Orne Bridghead operation.

This first clip, taken by Sgt Gordon, starts with a panoramic view across the Orne valley towards the Forêt de Grimbosq on the heights opposite. From 0:39 we see some rather impressive footage of A Sqn, 107 RAC Churchills piled with infantry from the 7th South Staffords.
There are two seperate clips here, as the break at 1:00 shows. After this point, the footage shows the town of Aunay-sur-Odon, some seven miles or so to the west of where the first minute of footage was filmed. The IWM caption still hasn't been updated, although they have been informed.

For this second clip, Sgt Gordon has moved down a small track leading east from Goupillieres. Although dated the 6th of August, the presence of Churchill tanks in the fields on the eastern banks of the Orne indicate this was the next day.

A few days later, Sgt(?) Watkins filmed reinforcements crossing the river beside the original bridge which had been destoyed by the Germans as they retreated back behind the Orne. In the foreground of the opening frames is a Churchill from 107 RAC undergoing repairs and from 0:18 we can see one of the unit's Churchill ARVs.

More to come...

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