Following are comments from previous clients:

“Sean was beyond all expectations of what me and my wife were looking for in a tour guide.  His passion and knowledge reaches the novice to historian level of understanding the invasion of D-Day.  The time flew by as Sean’s charismatic personality and informative oral presentations captivated our minds and left us with a desire to return.”

-Jason E.

Texas, USA


Thank you so much Sean. You have no idea how much this means to my family. We so appreciate this information and never dreamed we could find all this out. So very sad my Dad lost his life -however on the positive side -we do not want him or the purpose of this war to be forgotten for my Dad & all the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice so the children may play in the park. We are so appreciative that people like you are able to help the people not forget. That would be a tragedy."

-Irene H.

Washington, USA


“We all had a fantastic day today.  Thank you for making it so personal.  My Dad, as well as the rest of us, was blown away that we were standing in the field of his father’s last days in Normandy, what a great memory that will be for us all. We were saying tonight that this day has given us so much happiness, which is such a contrast to the men 70 years ago.  And you help to make that possible.”

-Mike H.

Ontario, Canada


“Sean. I am writing to say thank you from all of us for a truly fantastic tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned so much.”

-Michelle M.

Colorado, USA