Beyond Normandy

Of course, World War Two didn’t end with the liberation of Paris.

We can go beyond the boundaries of Normandy to follow the Allied push into the heart of Germany*…

Bridge at Grave over the Waal


Operation Market Garden, the bold attempt to end the war early in the using a combined air and land assault through the Netherlands. Three airborne divisions were to seize river crossings to enable XXX Corps to drive through German territory. Bad luck, bad planning, or a combination of both severely influenced the conduct of the battle.

Near Bastogne


Wacht am Rhein, Hitler’s “last desperate gamble” in the west, as German forces broke through Allied lines heading for Antwerp. Ruthless commanders, tenacious soldiers, appalling weather- all in evidence in “the Battle of the Bulge”.

Damaged buildings in Berlin


The Battle of Berlin and the end of the Nazi regime…. Berlin still bears the scars of Allied bombing and the Soviet assault. Numerous monuments and memorials to the victims of oppression can be found throughout the city.



Whether you would like to add this tour to your visit to Normandy, or as a seperate venture, please get in touch. As with all of our tours, we can tailor this to your needs and wishes.

Timeloberg, where the German capitulation was signed*Please note that due to demand in Normandy during the summer months we can only offer seperate tours to other areas between October and March.